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Industrial and Heavy Equipment

Industrial and heavy equipment cleaning and detailing. We have over 15 years experience working on large commercial equipment on location at job sites and at dealerships. Our mobile unit will solve any problems that you may have on your equipment from a complete degreasing to fix or repair your machine or a service maintenance high pressure wash to remove any dirt or debris when moving to the next job location.

Your equipment spends majority of its days working in the elements, whether that be the hot sun, rainy days, or blowing dusty wind, - The paint on your machinery takes all the abuse and will lead to future problems down the road, not to mention decrease the value. Paint fading, hazing and heavy oxidation are some of the problems that we come across when servicing these machines. Protect Your Investment and retain its image and value. We offer service packages and monthly maintenance packages as well as multi-vehicle discount packages to fit your cleaning and detailing needs.

Full Service   High Pressure Wash

Our full service mobile wash will remove dirt, oil, and grease from your heavy equipment and fleet vehicles. We bring water, electricity, chemicals and all necessary tools needed to work on your company vehicles. 

  • Complete High Pressure Hand Wash

  • Work deck, flat, and service areas cleaned and degreased

  • wheels/tires, tracks cleaned 

  • Cab cleaned, vacuumed and a thorough wipe down

  • Spot free glass

  • Undercarriage cleaned

Complete  Detail

Our complete mobile detailing service includes all of the features of our high pressure wash service along with a machine polish and high gloss wax applied to all painted areas. Cab and all compartments will be deep cleaned.

  • Full service high pressure wash

  • Full service wash with pre soak and iron remover

  • Machine polish

  • High gloss wax applied to all painted areas

  • Oxidation, hazing, dullness removed

  • Cab and all compartments deep cleaned

  •  Full degreasing with oil, grease, and contaminates removed

Additional Services

  • Overspray removal

  • Ceramic coatings

  • High speed polishing

  • Scratch and scuff removal

  • Paint sealants

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