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We started our business in the marinas of Southern California working on all types of boats and watercrafts. Our marine service packages cover every part of your boat from a routine maintenance hand wash to a complete detail with a 3 stage correction and oxidation removal.  



Our exterior only detailing service package will bring back the color and gloss of a dull or faded boat or watercraft. A machine polish and a high gloss marine wax will be applied to protect your investment. 


Complete exterior high pressure hand wash and microfiber towel dry

One step machine polish and wax of hull and topside

Mild oxidation/ waterspot removal

Stainless and aluminum cleaned

Waterline removed

Outboard motor cleaned




Our stage 2 detailing package will bring your boat back to life with an exterior machine polish and polymer sealant, waterline/oxidation removal, interior vacuum, seat cleaning and conditioning, and spot free glass. 


Complete exterior high pressure hand wash and microfiber towel dry

Two step machine compound polish and diamond cut polish to hull and topside

Machine high gloss protective polymer sealant applied

Mild oxidation/ waterspot removal

Waterline removal

Stainless/ aluminum cleaned

Outboard motor cleaned/prop polished


Complete interior cleaning of floors, walls, compartments (empty), and cup holders 

Seats deep cleaned and dressed with marine UV protectant

Gauges, instrument panel, and glass cleaned

Stainless/ aluminum cleaned


Our signature maintenance wash consists of a high pressure hand wash and brush scrub, spray finishing wax, windows cleaned inside and out, an interior wipe down, and floors cleaned. The perfect way to leave your boat until your next trip.


High pressure hand wash and brush scrub down

Stainless and aluminum wipe down

High gloss  spray finishing wax

Outboard motor, prop cleaned


Complete interior wipe down

Seats, gauges, instrument panel cleaned

Compartments (empty), cup holders, and cabin cleaned/vacuum

Floors cleaned

Glass cleaned inside/out



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