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Paint Protection

Waxes, Sealants, Ceramic Coatings

We carry a full line of paint protection to protect your investment and leave a long lasting shine. Protection packages range from 3 months to 3 years of protection depending on service desired. We are ceramic coating certified and have been applying paint protection for over 10 years. Paint protection protects your paint from oxidation, dulling, wear and tear from everyday use and maintains its beauty and clarity.


There are many different choices when it come to protecting your paint but keeping a good wax on it is essential to protect your paint, and maintaines that showroom shine, We use a high gloss white carnauba wax that provides an excellent barrier against bird droppings, bugs, and acid rain. Our wax service provides 3 months of protection to your vehicles paint. 

Prices start @ $85.00 (ext wash and wax)


Paint sealants are the next step in keeping your paint protected. Unlike a wax, a paint sealant is made with a polymer base for longer clarity and protection from the elements. We use an orbital polisher to apply a sealant for an even coat of product and to ensure every portion of the vehicles paint is covered. We recommend adding a machine polish before a paint sealant is applied to make sure vehicle is clean from dirt and grime and for the product to cure properly. The product we use has a Teflon based polymer paint sealant for protection up to 12 months.

Prices start @ $225 (ext wash and sealant)

Ceramic Coating

The ultimate in protection against all forms of contaminates. This unique coating chemially bonds to your paint creating a layer of protection on top of the clear coat. A mix of nanoceramics and Si02 amplifies the protection up to a 9H on the hardness scale (the highest level on the pencil hardness scale).  Protects against harmful UV rays, acid rain, and oxidation with amazing water sheeting capabilities. Prep is necessary when applying a ceramic coat which includes a full wash, clay process, paint correction , and light alcohol bath. Paint must be 100% free of blemishes to ensure a proper coating. 3 year protection from all contaminates including scratches.

Prices start @ $699 (ext wash, clay, paint correction, coating)

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